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Home interiors on a budget

Do you ever feel frustrated when you pick up an interior design magazine or scroll through Instagram because everything that stares back at you is so unaffordable? I've lost count of the amount of times I've stopped to admire a beautiful living room or kitchen online only to check where the items come from and realise that the chances of me being able to afford any of them is slim at best, unless I find myself a second or third job.

But rather than continue to moan away at my boyfriend until he became sick of the sound of my voice, I decided to do something about it and I set up this blog. At the time we were about to move from a lovely workman's cottage that we were renting to a flat. Essentially we were downsizing except we didn't really have any furniture. The house had come fully furnished so when it came time to move on, it dawned us on that we'd have to buy all the furniture we didn't have.

We had some savings but our budget was tiny and I knew that I&#…

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