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High Street Homewares: Sainsbury's Smashes It

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could deck our entire homes out in Rocket St George or some other equally stylish but expensive designer home brand? But the reality for most of us is that whilst we may be able to afford the odd pricy piece here and there, the majority of home decor is usually found somewhere on the high street. I happen to think that the British high street has some wonderful finds when it comes to homewares and if you're on a budget, you can't go far wrong. I'm sure we'd all love to own one of a kind pieces, whether that's bespoke or customised by up-cycling etc. but we lead busy lives and the high street is both convenient and affordable. 
So, as part of my series hunting down homewares on a budget from the high street, I've already selected some of my favourites from Wilkos, which you can read here and B&M, with a link to the article here. Today, I want to discuss Sainsbury. It's become something of my go-to Supermarket for buying hom…

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