The Growing Up Guide - My First Article

I thought I'd come on here today and share with you all the news that I've just started working with an online blog-style magazine called The Growing Up Guide.  I was in two-minds as to whether to tell you all about this. I didn't want to come across as if I was boosting or self-promoting. But one of the things I was keen to do more of this year was to get my writing published. I wasn't sure how I was going to do this until I heard about an opportunity via We Blog North, a blogging group I joined in January, requesting writers for a relatively new online magazine set up by a fellow We Blogger. I wasn't expecting to hear back or even get an article published which just goes to show that sometimes it pays off to take a risk and step outside of your comfort zone. 

It's a small step towards getting more of my work seen by a wider audience outside of this blog and I'm looking forward to writing more for The Growing Up Guide. I love that it's run almost predominantly by young women and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. 

If you're interested in reading my article on the '10 simple changes you can make to feel happier every day' then you can do so here: 

The Growing Up Guide
Image: Taken from The Growing Up Guide (not the author's own)